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"In your darkest place you lied to me, you lied to me. In my darkest place, you lied beneath, you lied beneath." (Or should it be laid beneath?)


For the Wicked - The Absolution

Biography of Nick Stewart

Nick Stewart

The music is "a molotov cocktail of industrial strength gothic lounge." Nick Stewart, long time goth-industrial singer/composer has been writing, producing and performing as The Absolution since the 1990s.

Nick Stewart

Nick Stewart started his music career in the McLean, VA garage bands, Unplanned Parenthood and The Aborted. Attending James Madison University in the 1980s, he was the lead singer and bassist for the bands, The Ripchords, Synaptic Gap, M-1, No Exit, and Meat Department.


In the late 80s, He was the lead singer and lyricist for the Washington, D.C. Gothadelia band, Fear of Man, playing with other local legends, like, Madhouse (later, Strange Boutique), Eubie Hayve, Bruno Loves Danger, and Shock Opera. Fear of Man was often a headliner at the great D.C. rock clubs: d.c. space, The Roxy and the Bayou, all of which have been redeveloped into something less. After a stylistic split in Fear of Man, Nick formed the Goth Metal band, Trust, and continued to headline rock clubs in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD.


Nick Stewart moved to Hollywood, CA in 1991 and after playing with two short lived bands, Skinny Bodies, and Habeus Corpus, formed "The Absolution" as a solo performance/producing band. The music is published though ASCAP member, Apostate Publishing, a Cooldaddy Media company, and is distributed electronically around the world. Some may suspect that the name, "The Absolution" has religious overtones and while that may not be far from influential, the absolution refered to is a promise to all of the women that have inspired the songs and were told that a song would be "writen for them. Here are the songs and the promise is fulfilled. "Redemption without Salvation"